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    • Blissful Sleep Tea Bags


      Are those long nights of chasing zzzzz’s leaving you exhausted in the morning? Our CBD Sleep Tea will prepare your mind and body for a restful night of sleep. Our single bag pack or 10 bag tin of caffeine-free herbal tea is infused with premium CBD for a calm and…

    • CBD Balm


      Just press pause. Powered by 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD, this balm will get you back on track by shutting down soreness, aches, and inflammation. Stress? What stress? Simply massage a small amount onto any area that ails and the ahhhhs will quickly follow.

    • CBD Canine Calming Combo


      The Canine Calming Combo for the yippy, yappy & snappy. Smooth out your dog’s ruff spots with this calming CBD combo created just for canines.

    • CBD Cookies


      When you’re craving something sweet, give yourself an extra treat with 100% natural chocolate chip cookies infused with 20 mgs of full-spectrum CBD. Umm-umm good and delicious, it’s the snack that keeps you on track by promoting a sense of calmness and balance. Store them at your desk, in the…

    • CBD Day + Night Duo


      The day oil gives you energy and focus, the night oil supports a restful night of sleep. Together it’s an unbeatable combination of calmness, balance, and relief to take you from day to night.

    • CBD Dog Treats


      If there’s more owwwww in your dog’s bow-wow’s, treat him to the Vegas CBD Treats for Dogs as a daily supplement or anytime he needs extra help feeling safe and secure. A simple vegan blend of human-grade ingredients and delicious taste support your pet’s physical well-being. And they’re great for…

    • CBD Face Mask


      You already know that CBD has incredible calming benefits for your mind and body. But did you know it can also soothe your stressed-out skin? It’s true! The Vegas CBD Face Mask puts the ahhhhhh in-home spa treatments with a gentle yet powerful combination of CBD-infused ingredients that combat the…

    • CBD Gel Caps


      When life hits hard, our softgels hit back harder. Engineered for balance, calmness, and clarity, these tiny but mighty supplements quickly move you into the chill zone. Organic and USA certified, their oomph plays an essential role in your overall ahhhhh.

    • CBD Gummies


      20 Mg per Bear Beneath these bears’ adorable veneer lies a fierce concoction of pure innovation. Made from the highest quality organic ingredients, their power to smooth out life’s rough stuff is sublime. In other words, these full-spectrum CBD gummies are your license to chill.

    • CBD Mints


      When it comes to staying calm and cool, these CBD mints are a breath of fresh air. Packed with 10 mg of CBD per mint, they’re pocket-sized yet powerful enough to refresh, restore, and renew. Pop one or two when you’re on-the-go and enjoy minty-flavored invigoration to take on your…

    • CBD Oil for Dogs


      Reacquaint your ol’ boy (or girl!) with the young, spry self they used to be with the soothing relief of Vegas CBD oil drops created just for pets. Organic and USA certified, your fur baby is getting a helpful dose of happiness that goes a long way in alleviating joint…

    • CBD Oil Full Spectrum 1000Mg


      Big day? Tough workout? Extra BS from the boss? Leave it to this 1000  mg full-spectrum CBD oil to help you power through. Ideal for everyday use, too. Soon you’ll be feeling more balanced, centered, and calm. Sounds pretty chill, right?

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